“Trasmettere emozioni, passioni e ricordi di vita, questa è la mia cucina”


My cooking is simple but refined.
It is originated from the meticulous study of traditional regional Italian recipes, which I then adapted respecting the principles of modern food science and paying tribute to my own experiences, sensations and memories.

I like to go with the season when it comes to ingredients and use the most fresh and genuine products.
I particularly prefer biological products from a selective group of non-mass produced artisanal producers of my beautiful country.

In addition to the Menu à la Carte, if you wish to understand further the spirit of Felice's cooking we propose our specialty: the Menu Surprise with 3 of 5 courses, a refined succession of tastes, flavors and colors in perfect harmony.

Menu à la Carte (not on Friday and Saturday)

Menu Surprise 3 courses
- starter
- first course
- second course
(vegetarian option available )

35 eur

Menu Surprise 5 courses
- two starters
- first course
- second course
- dessert
(vegetarian option available )

45 eur

- course of the day