“La cucina non è fashion. La cucina e' cultura.”
Carlo Cracco


 Felice was born in Grotti, a tiny agricultural village in the centre of Italy; it is from his family farm that he embarked on his gastronomic journey. Since his childhood, his mother and grandmother Gina, with their unmistakably passion for quality food, taught him how to recognise and appreciate the authentic taste and aroma of his homeland.

After five years’ training at Rieti Hospitality Institute, Felice has enriched his experience by working in various starred and non-starred restaurants in Italy. It is during this period that his personal philosophy on cooking was formed, which can be described as - “the luxury of simplicity”: that is to let the main ingredients of the dish sing - be it as basic as potato or the finest fish-- by emphasising their freshness and own characteristics. 

Today, Felice's cooking style is based upon the traditional regional Italian, with a personal touch and devotion: to convey the happiness to his guests through his delightful and hearty food.